There she is in a yoga pose called “the wheel” – one foot and both palms on the floor, back arched, head hanging back, her red locks sweeping the mat underneath her. One leg’s extended to the heavens. Supreme balance, you call that. There are about five trillion girls who pose dabbing and smoking on Instagram, but Damerogue caught our eye because of her balance.

Her feed isn’t weed porn. It’s the document, mellow and cloud-softened by the light of the Seattle sky, of a woman with as many facets to her personality as she has freckles on her cheeks. Damerogue’s a photographer, a grower, an accountant, a mom, a model, and a thick-and-through cannabis enthusiast. So we talked to her a little bit about the sensuality of dabbing, good Washington strains, and what makes for a well-balanced stoner life.

What’s sexy about dabbing?

It might be easier to ask what isn’t sexy about dabbing. There is something sensual about the heated nail, breathing in the vaps, exhaling slowly and playfully, feeling that high cover your head with a blanket and make your body all sensitive and tingly. I love watching people take dabs and on the exhale watch their eyes relax, their shoulders release and their mouth smile… its sexy watching someone release their stresses and at the same time become elevated and free.


What are your favorite extracts right now?

Right now I’m crushing on a local company X-Tracted and their Refine Seattle extracts. They have so many strains for their wax, shatter and Bho it will blow your mind, but my favorites right now are their Hoggs Breath (indica) and Gorilla Glue (hybrid) shatters. Both are very pure, smooth and clean tasting with a happy, euphoric high.

What rigs, bongs, and other pieces do you use most? Why do you like them?

I mostly use my glass bongs and oil rigs when at home for smooth rips and enjoy blunts and jays when out for the taste. I like to smoke out of a pipe in the woods just like I did in high school and vape in crowded areas for the ease. But really, nowadays, there are so many ways to enjoy cannabis and medicate, it’s nice to mix it up.

How would you describe the role smoking and dabbing plays in your life?

It hasn’t been until the last five years or so that I really have become involved in cannabis. Smoking and dabbing has become a part of my everyday life. I use it daily and have no issue with others that do the same. It’s how I [de-stress] and relax, it’s how I concentrate and stay focused, it’s how I keep my patience and level headedness, it’s how I have fun and unwind. I believe there are many functional and productive stoners out there who can not only carry out their lives, but be successful in them as well. Non cannabis users tend to gravitate towards an abundance of pills to aid in their ailments, I like the natural approach, I like what God has given us as oppose to man.


What’s your favorite word?

Shenanigans. It’s fun to say, fun to do and you never know what it will lead too.

What do you get out of your Instagram account? Do you have a lot of interaction with your followers?

My goal with the Instagram was to make smoking cannabis not so taboo in mainstream culture, to show that you don’t have to be a pothead to enjoy cannabis or be put into a presupposition based off of others beliefs or ignorance’s. Smoking herb can be sexy and beautiful and it is! It is without being whorish and appalling. Cannabis by its very natural is sensual and I love showing and conveying that on my Instagram.

I love the interaction between my followers and I. There are some that have been following me from the beginning and I adore their support and encouragement. I look at just about every single feed who follows me and love seeing the array of different people that come to my page. I enjoy reading the comments and responding to everyone. Really whoever reaches out I’ll interact with, I love talking about cannabis with everyone!

Do you have a boyfriend? Does he dab? Does he dig your IG?

I do have a boyfriend and he does dab and dabs often with me. He encourages my Instagram account and appreciates the artistic nature of the photos. It’s so important to have someone who supports you and your interests, if they accept you for who you really are from the beginning, it will prevent a lot of future arguments and assumptions.

damer 3

How do you feel about where the cannabis community is right now and how it’s evolving?

It’s so exciting to see how much has changed in the cannabis community in just the last 5 years. With states legalizing it, including my own state of Washington, I am seeing so many more people educating themselves on the benefits of cannabis and becoming more open to the idea of full legalization across the country. Even the players in the cannabis community are stepping up their game with new research and technologies and coming out of their closets as proud growers and processors. It’s an exciting and historical time right now.

Do you ever see yourself having a bigger professional role in the cannabis industry?

Oh Yes! I would love too. My goal is to focus more on growing and leave my day job, cannabis education, producing and processing is my passion and is truly how I want to spend my days on this earth.


What’s your grow set up like? What strains?

We have a warehouse that is under construction right now for Washington state recreational marijuana, but in the meantime our current setup has a about 12 lights. We do a about an 8 week veg before we move to bloom and right now we have Alice in Wonderland, Cherry Pie, Champagne Kush (My favorite), Papaya, Blueberry Mr. Nice Guy, Willys Wonder, Headband, Jesus and Tropicali,

About 45 plants [total]… We have only grown indoor but are interested in expanding to greenhouses.

Why do you like growing?

We have been doing this for about 5 years and every harvest turns out better than the last. You constantly grow with your garden, you’re always improving, researching, changing, trying, learning, adapting methods, stopping what doesn’t work, watching what your friends are doing. It’s a game and if you don’t stay on top of it you will fall behind. I guess that’s what I like about it. I like the challenge, the change, watching the process from beginning to end, trying new techniques, caring for them. Sometimes just being in the garden working is the best way to spend my time.

Visit damerogue’s IG feed here.


Parker Winship