The Tennessee House has just put forward a bill that would legalize cannabis oil for the treatment of seizures. The Criminal Justice Subcommittee approved House Bill 109, the bill in question, shortly after it was amended to specify that you need a doctor’s letter that proves you suffer from seizures before you can get cannabis oil treatment.

This bill would change the classification of marijuana, meaning that it excludes cannabis oil that contains less than 0.9% THC. This would allow cannabis to be used to treat severe seizures without it being classified under the marijuana label.

The bill will now move forward to the Criminal Committee. If the bill goes through, high CBD strains will be grown at Tennessee Tech, but this program cannot go forward unless it gets federal approval, which is unlikely. Otherwise, the oil would need to be legally obtained outside of Tennessee in order for it to be used legally in the state.

Earlier this year, a similar bill was put forward which would legalize pot for adults. With various states now legalizing marijuana for recreational and medical use, we can expect to see a lot more movement regarding the status of cannabis in its many forms.