Tennessee House Sponsor Ryan Williams and Sen. Dickerson indicated that the state’s medical marijuana bill would be incredibly limited.

“This is not going to be a bill that allows for the smoking of marijuana,” said Republican sponsor Sen. Steve Dickerson. “It’s going to be a bill that allows for the purification of the oils, specifically CBD, which is cannabidiol. It is not a psychoactive medication.”

This bill will allow people to use edibles and CBD oil but it wouldn’t allow people to smoke anything and there would also be very strict guidelines to keep the ruling in place.

“It would likely be the most conservative medical marijuana bill in the country, and if passed, the nation’s most carefully controlled law,” said David McMahan, a Capitol Hill lobbyist hired to shepherd the bill through the state government.

McMahan also said that that production will be limited in order to help regulate the substance. Medical marijuana in the state would help those who suffer from debilitating conditions such as HIV, glaucoma, cancer and MS. It would not be used for those who suffer from PTSD or chronic pain.

Prescriptions won’t be able to be gotten illegitimately, “faked or gamed,” said the lobbyist.  Medical bills in Tennessee have been in the works for years now but none of them have ever gotten past the committee.