It’s unclear if he did any good, but one pro-cannabis advocate in Tennessee just got himself in a whole lot of news headlines.

Spencer Boston, 20, was in the middle of a hearing over simple weed possession and disorderly conduct when he turned a courtroom into some cross between a performance art stage and a smoke sesh.

Boston used his day in court to rail against cannabis prohibition in Tennessee. To add a little prop humor to his routine, Spencer then lit a joint in the courtroom and started hitting it.

According to WGN News,“Boston got in several quick inhales before security personnel realized what was happening.”

As the guards escorted Boston from the scene, he turned to the court and yelled, “The people deserve better!”

At this, the courtroom reportedly burst out laughing.

Boston is now serving a 10-day jail sentence for contempt of court, after which he will be able to post a $3,000 bond. He’s set to appear in court again on April 14, almost in time for 4/20.

It’s interesting timing on Boston’s part. Though cannabis is still illegal in all its forms in Tennessee, a bill was just recently introduced into legislatureby State Sen. Raumesh Akbari which would legalize recreational weed.

Meanwhile the state’s Bureau of Investigation announced last fall that it would stop testing amounts of cannabisunder an ounce for THC, making it difficult for state prosecutors to charge for small time possession. They might not even be able to charge Boston for his doobie.Photo via Flickr/Torben Hansen