Denver’s Ed Haas wants to teach the art of pairing his favorite beverage with his favorite flavors of hash. Haas is starting a class going into depth about his new favorite hobby, and how to take your senses for an adventure that even weed connoisseurs may have yet to experience.

Haas told the Cannabist that he wants to teach people about terpenes and the various flavors and aromas that come with all the various strains.  Manipulating these flavors and enhancing them with pairings of various beers can bring out entirely different experiences.  He also hopes to introduce users to the differences in quality, and how both beer and hash quality can affect pairings.

His pairing class starts at a $45 ticket, which includes three beer and hash courses; should make for a great date.  When asked if this whole thing is just a light-hearted way to enjoy two of his favorite consumables or something that stands with food and wine pairings, Hass replies: “after a few years of doing this, I can definitely say that there is a legitimate world of flavor combinations, probably more than a person who enjoys a glass of scotch and a cigar would ever find. It’s also a really fun idea, too!”

This isn’t Haas’ first time and the beer ‘n bud rodeo: he says it’s something he’s been doing for years, with his very first craft beer and has pairing event thrown together with Cannabase last year.  After his initial test run, Haas found out about Green Labs, who were doing similar events with the pairings of wine and weed, and sushi and weed classes.

When asked about why he decided to pair his craft beers with hash, rather than the flower, Haas says that hash is much better suited for the consistent sippage that craft beer lovers enjoy, while taking hits from a vape or bowl can either overpower a brew or fizzle out before the bottle is empty.

Haas’ pairing parties are offered in a private protected space, so students can enjoy their hash and beer sessions easy, like a Sunday morning.