Don’t mess with Texas. Especially when you got some edibles on you. Two Amarillo men who are now looking at life in prison because police found some pot brownies in their vehicle. A deputy witnessed the driver commit a minor traffic offense on a busy interstate. This caused him to perform an inspection of the vehicle, and when he got closer he found two people inside of the car. There was Andrew George (27) and Eli Manna (30).

Authorities checked their license, registration and after an unreasonable amount of questioning the men became nervous. The deputy asked to search the vehicle, but they stuck by the fourth amendment and refused. The deputy asked the department to bring a drug dog and this is when things turned from bad to worse for the two men.  The pot laws in Texas state that the amount of marijuana determines how long you will spend behind bars, and these two have been charged with a felony of the first degree as well as being charged with possession over 400g. Texas is very famous for having some of the strictest pot laws in the country and in some instances you could be looking at life behind bars without the possibility of parole. Greg Abbot, the Texas Governor has stated that he doesn’t think that these laws need to be changed, and that he believes that there is no possibility of them decriminalizing marijuana.

With marijuana being legalised in 23 states, it is hard to believe that these two are facing life in prison over a couple of pot brownies. I just ate a couple myself and feel guilty as hell.