The people of Flint, Michigan are probably saying “boo-fucking-hoo” to residents of Hugo, Colorado, after local authorities warned the town about “evidence of THC in [their] water,” as reported by the Denver Post.

A tweet from Hug’s marshall’s office Thursday said that tetrahydrocannabinol had been found in the water supply, warning them, “… Dont drink,shower,or cook w/it.Fresh H20 coming Will advise when it arrives.#HugosWater.”

It’s still unknown just how all the town’s water got so dank, as there isn’t a single known cannabis cultivation business in the surrounding Lincoln County. A spokesperson from the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management claimed the problem might have come from a water well. “We have staff that are headed that way to provide support and determine what’s going on,” she said. “I know that there’s some contamination, but I don’t know what it is.”

Hugo itself has a population of only roughly 900 people.

“At this time, Investigators are assessing the situation with state and federal authorities,” read a Facebook message from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s office. Bathroom usage is still safe, but until more information is known to us, out of an abundance of caution, avoid drinking Town of Hugo water. Fresh water is on the way to our community.”

Though the marshall and the sheriff seem pretty uptight about the situation, the town’s population itself isn’t exactly finding itself in the midst of mass hysteria. Two local grocery stores, the Loaf ‘N’ Jug and Osborne’s Supermarket, said they’ve seen a major uptick in traffic for bottled water since the announcement, but that they hadn’t run out of water yet.

Meanwhile, the local hospital, Lincoln Community Hospital and Care Center, told the Post that they hadn’t seen a single patient yet that complained of THC-related issues and that the water in the hospital had tested negative for the drug.

Officials are now trying to recover from the embarrassing mishap. County emergency manager John DeWitt said, “We’re trying to reduce the panic as best we can. It sounds like the town is trying to get the situation under control.”

Meanwhile, the frugalest of area stoners are probably keeping their taps on full blast and filling up old jugs and buckets so that they can stay high and hydro at the same time.