A new Uber-style medical service specializing in marijuana treatment has launched, according to a Techcrunch.com review of the service CannabisMD. Their reporter Kim-Mai Cutler tried out the service.

Cutler called CannabisMD in the afternoon. Five minutes later, she got a text saying that a doctor was on their way, so she went down the street to San Francisco’s main drag and found Dr. Daniel Price. Price is an emergency room doctor and he has been performing marijuana evaluations on patients for months now. After experiencing chronic pain from a gymnast accident, he travelled to the cannabis educational centre. That’s where he met David Hua, who founded a Y combinator-backed start-up called Meadow. Together the pair formed CannabisMD, a program that deploys a doctor to your door for medical pot prescriptions.

After meeting Price, he ran Techchrunch’s reporter through a number of questions as well as variants that might be best for treatment. Price stated that varieties that are high in Cannabidiol or CBD have a huge range of medical applications. He  then performed a non-invasive eye exam and a pulse check. He asked about any medical conditions that Cutler might have which could make marijuana use a risk. After a quick picture, the meeting was over and the reporter got her medical pot in no time.

Anyone can request an evaluation, and all you need to do is upload a picture of your California state number plate with your application in order to get considered for a meeting. The doctor will then give you an evaluation, and you could be well on your way to getting approval.