As the green rush snowball rolls into one big giant green ice boulder, some people are starting to make real money. Not “buy your second house” real money, “buy a spaceship and set up a grow lab on the moon” kind of money. So you know who your competition is, these are the five biggest cannabis businesses, as compiled by 24/7 Wall St.

#1. GW Pharmaceuticals. One of only a few cannabusinesses up for public trade, this business is commercializing proprietary cannabis into therapeutic products and its shares have traded above $126 each in the past.

#2. Medbox. This company consults with dispensaries and stores who need licenses. They primarily help with the applications needed to begin the business. Their market cap in the industry is estimated to be right around $250 million.

#3. Medical Marijuana Inc. Concussions have become a point of emphasis in the sports world today. This company is looking at developing drugs from cannabis to treat those concussions. It’s an interesting combination that is worth over $100 million.

#4. PharmaCyte. This firm is also publicly traded and it also has a market share above $100 million. They’re looking at how cannabis could be used to treat cancer and diabetes.

#5. Cannabis Sativa. This company is actually headed by Gary Johnson, who is a former two-time governor from New Mexico. It creates skin products that are based on cannabis and also happens to be publicly traded.

More than $10 billion in marijuana sales is expected in 2015. There’s a real possibility that an investment into the big business of pot now could result in enough monetary growth to fund a retirement. The industry may have changed, but that hasn’t affected the potential benefits that marijuana can bring someone in the business.