How can anybody survive on a pizza for 25 years?? It’s not only shocking, but repelling too. In this era, where healthy eating habits, is the trending topic, people are health and fitness conscious, who is this person, who is supposedly eating “junk food”

Well this person is Dan, a 38-year-old woodworker based in Maryland. He is diabetic (shocking) and frequently gets low sugar. Inspite of that he has been on this pizza diet for the past 25 years.

Is pizza a healthy option?

No, it’s definitely not, unless it’s made up of whole wheat crust and has vegetables in it, with a low fat cheese. But our man, Mr Dan, has only a plain cheese pizza, with absolutely no vegetables (he hates the sight of vegetables) and that too it’s a take away.

Once when he collapsed in his kitchen, when he was discovered unconscious, it was horrifying to see his kitchen full of frozen pizzas. Isn’t that unbelievable?

He used to eat “regular food” like every normal American, but when he was 15 or 16, he made the decision to become a vegetarian based on ethical reasoning.

This is not the only reason; he cites a frightful experience of being forced to eat Brunswick stew every day when he was just five or six year old.

Another experience he still remembers is when his sister forced him to eat wild mushrooms and he reacted to it, as it was poisonous and he was made to vomit the entire night.

He has been advised to visit nutritionists, and he has done so, but all he got was a list of dos and don’ts.

But surprisingly ,his doctor said ,u seem to be doing fine, your cholesterol is under control ,so he sees no reason in not continuing with his fascination or obsession with Pizzas.

His fiancée too is a vegetarian and they go out often like a regular couple, but at times are bound by his option for pizzas.

What is more surprising is that, Inspite of this diet, he is thin, he has lots of energy and he seems to be doing fine .So why should he stop having pizzas.

Well Mr Dan, you seem to be doing fine and we really do wish you a healthy life full of pizzas, but just a small advice: variety is the spice of life!!