Seth Bock grows marijuana legally for a living, yet his entire business could be crippled because of tiny spider mites. Seth’s business is one of the three marijuana dispensaries in Rhode Island, and he admits that marijuana isn’t the easiest thing to grow.

In a recent interview, Seth detailed how the 12 companies licensed to grow in Massachusetts use hermetically sealed buildings if they ever want their crops to succeed, requiring ventilation, heat and humidity. Failing to monitor these levels properly will result in mold and mildew– sure death for the plants. Worse even are spider mites, growing from practically undetectable to a full infestation in under a week. Resistant to nearly every natural pesticide, mites really are a grower’s worst nightmare. Like tremors for Fred Ward and Kevin Bacon.

In Massachusetts, dispensaries need to start their growing from seeds and not clippings. This allows them to track every product with ease. There are however grey areas when it comes to acquiring the seeds, because marijuana is still completely illegal under federal law. This means that importing seeds from across state lines is still prohibited, so the only option is to buy from seed suppliers. The cultivator also needs to be able to tell the male and female plants apart, because if male plants are left to pollinate the female plants then this could decrease the overall quality of the crop.

You also need to figure out what plants contain what strains, because you could have thousands of strains at any one time. One strain may help to combat the effects of seizures and spasms while another may help to reduce pain and eye pressure.

These differences require careful guidance and tender love. Seth Bock knows this. And you should too.