Nearing Halloween, every streaming service within a mile will be shoving horror films at you. Netflix is pushing originals like Death Note and Stranger Things. Hulu wants you to strongly consider binging their horror offerings like The Silence of the Lambs and Hellraiser. Amazon Prime is going to nudge you toward The Witch and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And the specialty streaming service Shudder wants you to stay with them to watch pretty much every other horror movie ever made.

If you’re not careful, you can overfeed yourself on horror movies like a dabbed out trick-or-treater whose appetite is so bottomless they even eat all the mini Twizzlers. That’s why we’re here to be your spirit guide to horror flicks whilst under the influence of all products under the genus cannabis. Whether you’re dabbed out, stoned on flower, or a little bit of both, we got the right slasher or monster film to suit your unique state of mind.

Dabbed Out Horror Movies

We think a dabbed out horror movie watcher might be into the crazier, the more nightmarish, the almost hallucinatory fare. In a word: horror concentrate. Stuff like…

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

After Twin Peaks and before The Return came the most intense, bananas, horrifying work David Lynch ever created. Take a trip to the Bang Bang Bar and watch out for Killer Bob.


You ever have one of those monster dabs that just rips your face off and takes you to an alternate dimension? That’s what this is, in movie form. You’ll come out the other side a different being.


The mother of all insano nightmare horror films. Sam Neill (Dr. Malcolm from Jurassic Park) as a deranged secret agent/emotionally abusive husband is scary enough. But then there’s also that… thing in his wife’s apartment.

High on Flower

We feel that flower calls for stuff that’s a little lighter, a little more fun. You know, a little more flowery. Funny, fun, forgettable. These are the three best movies that cover those three Fs.


Do you like scary movies? Shit yeah, or else you wouldn’t be reading this list. Not the MTV show bullshit. The movie with every late ‘90’s heartthrob and packed with the best and worst of late ‘90’s music on the soundtrack. And, oh yeah, it’s still really scary.

Shaun of the Dead

Maybe the funnest horror movie ever made. You need exactly the right blend of sativa and indica to turn on the part of your brain that can laugh and turn off the part of your brain that does anything else.

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Two decades before Don Draper made fedoras (sort of) cool again, Freddy Krueger was rocking them hard. This movie has some of the most stoner-ific visuals in any horror movie, from Freddy coming through the wall to Freddy popping out of a bed to Freddy materializing in the bath tub, etc., etc.

Both Flower And Dabs

Maybe you like a little from column A and a little from column B. A waxy joint is like the Freddy vs. Jason of cannabis. These picks are selected for their heady quality. The extract is enough to get your brain wired up, but the flower will keep you leveled out.

Evil Dead 2

Arguably the best horror movie ever made. Super smart but dumb as rocks, gorgeous but disgusting, and, to cap it all off, it ends with a time warp to medieval times. What else could you ask for?

Cabin in the Woods

A mindfuck, a puzzle, a good horror movie, and, ultimately, a big joke. Nothing could accompany a concentrate-dripping spliff any better. Take special note of the coffee mug that transforms into a bong.

Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Electric colors, dystopian nightmare, hot pink blood, a zombie pie fight, and the best damn score over put to a horror movie, you’re damn sure to have a good sesh getting ripped to this classic.