There are many reasons for a cannabis detox. Maybe you just got hired as an FBI agent and they’re about to piss test you. Maybe you’re giving up all the THC in your system for lent. Maybe you’re in jail praying you can piss all that drug residue out of your body before someone asks you to pee in a cup.

With all the reasons there are to want a marijuana detox, there are just as many products and home remedies that will supposedly get the job done. Those range from insane, super-dangerous urban legends (like drinking bleach) to harmless but unreliable rumors (niacin or cranberry juice).

The unfortunate truth is that the only 100% full-proof method for a full cannabis detox is to actually stop smoking (or dabbing or vaping or eating) cannabis for a prolonged period of time. (Since metabolisms vary, this can take anywhere from one to six weeks).

But just because you’re going the natural route doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to help the process along. A recent article from Leafly outlined a few good tips for turning your body into a well-oiled THC-expelling machine. Among them are:

  • Work out

Since THC is stored in the body’s fat cells, exercise can cut down on the cannabinoid present in your system by burning fat.

  • Lots of water

Excessive amounts of water won’t clean the body out any faster, but staying hydrated helps with any kind of cleanse.

  • Healthy diet with lots of leafy greens

It almost just sounds like we’re telling you to live a healthy lifestyle at this point, which we are. Greens help to detoxify the body (especially stuff like kale and spinach) while junk food gives you more fat cells, which in turn gives THC more places to hang out in your body.

  • Drinking tea

            Make like a brit and suck down some earl gray. You don’t have anything else to do since you’ve freed up all your weed-smoking time anyway and the antioxidants in tea is a good helping hand to give your body as it detoxes.

  • Get rest and relaxation

This isn’t a must in a physical sense, but suddenly abstaining from marijuana after a period of heavy means your body is going to suddenly have a different chemical balance. That can cause unpleasant effects including anxiety, depression, headaches, insomnia, irritability, and loss of appetite. All the other tips mentioned above (exercise, water, healthy diet) will help with those effects. It also might be helpful to reduce stressors in your life that might exacerbate these negative effects and give yourself room to relax and rest if possible.

Photo by Flickr user Mark