A new head of the d was appointed this week, and his name is Chuck Rosenberg.

The current chief of staff to FBI Director James Comey, Rosenberg has a vast history with the Justice Department as a federal trial prosecutor and eventual staff executive for the Bureau. Working in cases of espionage, murder, kidnapping and crimes against children (at a cursory glance), the man has a history. But the real question for the Dabs Mag community remains– what’s he think about weed?

A little digging sussed up peanuts. Not much is interknown about Chuck Rosenberg’s thoughts on the mary jane or cannabis at large. But if the current scheme of things is any indicator, our new DEAder has his plate pretty full.

Putting the pot debate to the side for a moment, Rosenberg’s first major task is to clean up after the protein-caked sexfest sprayed by his predecessors and their Colombian shneef weasels south of the border that came to disturbing light for so much of the public gaze in recent months. After he’s dealt with that, pot could soon be on the menu.

Because the one thing all asked about the appointment definitely agree upon is that our new boy needs to have a lighter stance on the topic. Current federal policy is not in line with the wave of state-based regulation, and to move forward with fluency and an economic mind, it is only a matter of time before vast changes are made. Changes going much in the favor of legal marijuana.

In any case, Chuck Rosenberg will hopefully not be hosting orgies at Pablo Escobar’s Christmas villa anytime soon, but will hopefully be shifting his agency’s stance on marijuana and how to deal. Not how to deal marijuana (although the DEA does that too). But how to deal. You know, with the issue. How to control the… aw shit, you know what we mean.

Photo via AP/Charles Dharapak