In a victory for both advocates of cannabis and truthfulness in government agencies, the Drug Enforcement Administration has quietly removed an inaccurate list of negative health effects associated with marijuana from its website, as reported by The Cannabist.

The misinformation published by the DEA in an online booklet entitled “The Dangers and Consequences of Marijuana Abuse” was rallied against by the advocacy group Americans for Safe Access, which said the publication’s “scientifically inaccurate information about the health effects of medical cannabis” had led to real world effects including “the action — and inaction — of Congress” in making legal cannabis reform.

Among the Reefer Madness-worthy claims being put forth by a government, tax-funded agency were that cannabis caused “tumors of the head and neck and of the lung” as well as bladder cancer, that teens who use it “may be making themselves more vulnerable to heroin addiction” and are also more likely to smoke crack and drop acid.

These assertments are not only contradicted by leading science, but also by the DEA itself in the August 2016 Denial of Petition to Initiate Proceedings to Reschedule Marijuana, according to the ASA.

The publication, which sure seems like it was written with an anti-marijuana agenda, was petitioned in ASA back in December using something called the Data Quality Act, also known as the Information Quality Act, a congressional act passed in 2001 as a guideline to maintain the truthfulness and objectivity of information being administered by federal agencies.

The ASA alleged that the DEA’s publication included 25 violations of the Data Quality Act, all of which were false information concerning cannabis.

“The DEA’s removal of these popular myths about cannabis from their website could mean the end of the Washington gridlock,” ASA executive director Steph Sherer said in a statement. “This is a victory for medical cannabis patients across the nation, who rely on cannabis to treat serious illnesses.”

Photo via Flickr user sisssou