Made from sponge cake, covered with meringue, and with an ice cream filling, the Baked Alaska is one of the world’s most popular desserts. It’s cooked at high temperatures, but the insulation of the meringue keeps the ice cream cold even during the baking process. The result is a combination of hot and cold gooey madness that can give you a sugar high.

Thanks to Alaska legalizing small amounts of marijuana possession, the Baked Alaska is taking on a new task: to get people good and fucked up.

You Can Infuse Marijuana in 2 Different Ways

The beauty of the Baked Alaska is that you can create different flavors of this edible based on how you infuse the marijuana into this edible. You can do it through the ice cream or in the sponge cake itself.

The best part about the Baked Alaska as an edible is that it stores remarkably well. You can bake the cake up to a week ahead of time and then assemble the remainder of the ingredients just before serving it. It will last you all through the cold Alaskan winter. Brrrrr.

The end result is a masterpiece of cannabis culinarity.