In doing our regular search for cannabis-related news on the internet, we ran across one we knew our readers would be dying to know more about: “Mandy Moore’s Secret to Making Heels More Comfortable” in Coveteur. Moore’s secret, it turned out, was cannabis. She told a reporter that she rubbed CBD oil on her feet to cushion them against six straight hours of stiletto usage during the golden globes. “It could be a really exciting evening! I could be floating this year!” the actress said.

While she didn’t float, it got us thinking: what are the least hardcore ways you can use cannabis? A lot of people we know think of cannabis use as almost a competitive sport. We all know people who want to fire up a propane torch and inhale ten grams of shatter for bragging rights while their brains liquify and start coming out of their ears. And that’s cool if that’s your bag.

But there is a whole different side to cannabis use: a softer, gentler side. There are celebrities who rub it on their feet so that their five thousand dollar shoes don’t hurt them too bad. And there are other very practical uses of cannabis that don’t necessarily involve impairing your cognitive abilities for hours on end.

There is, for instance, the cannabis bath. One amusing report was from a writer who “took a weed bath and kind of freaked out,” then wrote about it for the pleasure of Splinter News readers. The writer, while in Colorado, bought a bottle of Dixie’s Bath Soak, a cannabis-infused bath product, and got in the tub with it.

But after a while, she started wondering, “What if I got high through my vagina?” She elaborated that while in the tub she started to think, “what if some THC-steeped water got in there and I got super duper high because that membrane is super thin…” That may sound like stoned thinking, and maybe it was, but it turned out it was actually scientifically sound. While the Dixie’s Bath Soak bottle contained no warning of that kind, the product’s website actually says that “While most topical products do not produce psychoactive effects, it is possible for women to experience psychoactive effects when using Dixie Bath Soak.” The writer said that, though her “body felt chill AF,” she “didn’t get high.”

What other decidedly un-hardcore uses for cannabis are there? Lots, but one adorable one is of course to use it to treat your puppy’s allergies. One such case study is Dexter, the five-year-old mini Australian Shepherd who was once plagued by fleas and dry skin, causing him to constantly itch and scratch. But no more. According to Canna-Pet promotional materials, “since being introduced to Canna-Pet, [Dexter’s owner] rarely finds Dexter scratching and he seems happier than ever.” Wow.