The Discovery

After years of unbearable health issues and even worse medical treatments, Rick Simpson, although hesitant to use illegal treatments, tried using hemp oil to treat his numerous health issues after an accident at work, as well as using it to treat his skin cancer. Having briefly heard about THC improving the immune systems of mice some twenty five years earlier, Simpson tried using it as a last resort and was amazed at the results. He took the oil to his mother, who had been suffering from weeping psoriasis for years. Within weeks of beginning to use the hemp oil, her sores had completely healed. This started Simpson on his journey, healing people free of charge.

The Healing

Initially giving the oil to those with skin conditions and getting amazing results, Simpson eventually moved on to cancer patients and once again, had results that nobody could have foreseen, always treating people free of charge. With the help of his hemp oil, Simpson bought stage four cancer patients who had been given weeks to live. The oil not only treated topical ulcers in diabetics, it allowed many diabetics to stop using insulin. He improved and saved countless lives.

Reaction from Health Officials

After meeting a woman who Simpson had successfully cured of cervical cancer, a man named Rick Dwyer interviewed Simpson’s patients, saw what he was doing, and was amazed. Believing that Simpson had stumbled upon something life-changing, Dwyer brought the use of hemp oil to the attention of Canadian health officials who unfortunately, even in the face of the hundreds of people who had been cured by Simpson, shot him down.

Arrest and Trial

After turning a video into police, stating that he was healing people, how he was doing it and that he planned to continue, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police seized 1,620 plants from Simpson’s back yard and arrested him for possession. Although there were hundreds of patients at his trial whom he had cured, none were allowed to testify. After being given a guilty verdict by the jury, the Judge turned around and gave Simpson a $2,000 fine – a minor punishment compared to what he could have received, as it was clear that Simpson had no bad intentions.

The Effectiveness of Hemp Oil

While Hemp Oil cannot save everyone, and will not work for everyone, it is still an effective treatment, as thousands of testimonies will tell you. Many used it as a last resort, as like Simpson, they were hesitant about using an illegal treatment, but were so thankful that they did. Chemotherapy isn’t always an effective treatment, nor is insulin, and yet they are approved by nearly every medical board around the world, and hemp oil has saved lives that the aforementioned have failed to. At the very least, it deserves the chance that most medications are allowed when it comes to clinical trials and research. As hundreds of Simpson’s patients will tell you, it’s saved lives.