Cartoons for stoners, by stoners. A wonderful tradition that’s probably been around since before the Disney crew cooked up Fantasia on an ounce of Panama Red. Now, thanks to Adult Swim, they’re an institution.  The weirder, the better.  Anything that dazzles the senses is further enhanced by the wonder world of weed.  For this reason, cartoons are a universal favorite for stoners.  Sometimes we prefer them simply because of the exaggerated voices and visuals.  Things pop out more and stuff gets really funny when characters are so out of proportion and sound like they just swallowed a bunch helium.

Introducing: SpongeBong HempPants

While the original show, SpongeBob SquarePants is enough of a trip in itself, some fans of the show did their own parody of it, with a focus on an extremely high sponge that lives in a bong in a laboratory.

The writing on the first 4 seasons of SpongeBob was undeniably witty and enjoyable by adult fans of the show, stoned or not.  I mean, it already had innuendo with names like Sandy Bottoms and a pink starfish, but you won’t find any official admission to including little adult jokes in the original show.  HempPants rips off the lid of adult humor, turning the star into a green sponge that smokes seaweed, his friend into a pile of trash in a Ziploc bag and dubbed Hashbrick.  The squid is transformed into what amounts to a roach clip, while some sweet justice is done to the crab, turning him into a crackhead that works at the Crusty Crack House.

These new makeovers allow for some hilarious situations in the brief eight episode run that SpongeBob HempPants ran online before suddenly pulling the plug.  Some brief research turns-up a mention about some legal actions being taken by Nickelodeon, which you can find various takedowns of the episodes on YouTube.  You’ll have to seek out other video sites to watch them, which shouldn’t be too hard.