There’s a whole plethora of Canadian marijuana types, so today we’re looking at our neighbors to the north for their Mary Jane selections.

For instance, the Romulan strain is an indica. Romulan is a great strain of indica, and they are available from the Next Generation Seed Company. They have a peppery taste and are reportedly great for pain relief.

The Lowryder strain is a different beast altogether. Lowryder is an auto-flowering strain. This means that it skips from the vegetation, i.e. leaf and stem growing stage, and straight to the flowering stage. It has an incredibly short life between growth and harvesting and goes from conception to distribution in around eight weeks. That makes it great as a regular supply.

You also might be interested in the Island Sweet Skunk marijuana type. It’s a native of Vancouver Island, where it’s been produced for decades. It is prized for its unique flavor, which is a mixture of sweet and cinnamon. This keeps it popular despite the fact it’s an unwieldy plant to grow.

Blue Dynamite is another indica. The plant is also incredibly fast growing, and great for people who want a marijuana type with a huge yield. Another great thing about Blue Dynamite is that it is a hybrid. It is easy to grow, whether you are an experienced pot grower or a newbie.

Blueberry is the marijuana type for the connoisseur. It has a very pungent flavor, as well as a fantastic odor and taste. If you are curing your product for six months or more, this is the strain you’ll probably want to get your hands on.

BC God Bud is another Vancouver strain which gives a great aroma, as well as reasonable growth time and high yields like any other indica. It takes a bit of experience to get the best out of this marijuana type, but once you have the formula (and patience, this plant is slower growing) you can get up to four ounces for each plant. The dense crystals are sure to pack a punch.