The Mars One Foundation made headlines when it announced that it was planning on sending a crew of four to Earth’s next door planetary neighbor by the year 2025. It’s a one-way trip. Those who go there are going to die there, but the goal is to create a potentially livable colony on the planet so that if we humans decide to blow up this one, we’ll still be able to live somewhere else.

More than 200,000 applicants asked for the chance to be considered for those four spots. The Mars One Foundation is looking for two couples in the prime of their health and life so the potentially difficult conditions on Mars can be overcome. Having beautiful people for a reality TV shows always helps, right?

Forget science and exploration. Star Trek just became Survivor. The only difference is that the immunity challenges will become genuine challenges for survival.

100 people – 50 men and 50 women – have been chosen from the initial candidates. Nearly 40 countries are represented. The final choices are expected in the near future so that the colonists can receive up to a decade of training before journeying to Mars.

Now as long as the Mars One Foundation doesn’t equip their spacecraft with a HAL 9000 prototype, no one should get voted off the spaceship. Maybe it’s a little crazy, but many said we were crazy to try to reach the moon. We made it there. Let’s try to make it somewhere else.