Do you want to know what states are probably going to legalize weed when? And which states ain’t finna legalize nothin’ never? And even though there are no stats comparing the views of all 50 states for and against legalization, do you want to calculate it anyway and then make a really easy to read map based on these tabulations without even leaving your chair? Are you an accomplished data analyzer and drug policy reporter?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then chances are you the Washington Post’s industrious worker bee Christopher Ingraham. If you are Mr. Ingraham, then let me say on the behalf of all of Dabs Magazine, thank you for making this super nifty and comprehensive map for us to bring our readers’ attention to.

Thank you for combining individual polls conducted in various states by different established survey outlets, along with recent voter results in Alaska, D.C. and Oregon, into one easily digestible map and data table that indicates whether a state (or District) is in favor of legalization, opposed to it, undecided or hasn’t been polled recently or thoroughly enough to be able to say positutely one way or the other or the other.

Thank you for pointing out that of the 12 states which may feature legalization on their ballot in this year or next, only six show majority support for the initiative (Arizona, California, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada and Ohio) while two aren’t conclusively for or against (Maine and Missouri) and four haven’t been polled state wide in the last two and half years (Arkansas, Mississippi, Montana and Wyoming).

And, though you are careful to mention that since different surveys with variable pool sizes and wording should not be directly compared to each other, thank you for figuring that of the 38 states which had been polled concerning cannabis legalization since late 2012, 25 show majority support, 8 show majority opposition, and 5 don’t show nothing at all.

Finally, thank you for your exhaustively compiled table of more specific individual survey data which readers can find here and for your beautiful map which readers can find below…



Parker Winship