Most people take between 100mg to 250mg of THC when they are taking on the modern edible. There are a few products that can give you 1000mg if you want it, but don’t do this if you haven’t tried edibles before. Less is usually more.

For those who do want to experiment, here are the pros and cons to consider with this THC level.

The Pros of 1000mg

You get amazing daydreams. If you have a strong fantasy life, then 1000mg is going to make those fantasies become more real. You’ll find it hard to focus on reality because the daydream is so strong.

The mind focuses on perfect moments. You will find that time seems to slow down. Your mind focuses on a pleasing experience and it will want to keep you there.

Comfort becomes the name of the game. The entire body seems to relax with that level of THC. You crawl into your happy place and then you stay there.

The Cons of 1000mg

Fatigue becomes the #1 issue. It doesn’t take long for the eyelids to become heavy. Yawning becomes a great temptation. You’ll be tempted to crawl into bed and call it a day once the effects of THC hit.

The eyes struggle to focus. If you really need to get something done, then it’s going to feel like an impossible task. It’s not just your eyelids that get heavy. Your feet feel like they’ve got 16 ton weights on them.

You’ll get a great night of sleep with 1000mg of THC. Be careful if considering this amount, make sure you’ve got someone who can check on you, but enjoy the mellow of the moment as well.