It looks like Backdraft inside of Vancouver’s Mega Chill Dispensary. 442 grams of cannabis concentrate were cooked on hookah coals. By the 4 minute mark of the video documenting this feat and posted to Pot TV, you can’t see more than a couple of feet in front of the camera. One dude says to another, “Dying, man. Literally dying,” while the fire alarm goes off.

This is the latest in a rash of companies in the dab world claiming world record hot boxes for publicity. It’s not only expensive and wasteful, it’s potentially very dangerous. Hot boxing a room with wax vapor is one thing, but to keep all that extract simmering, most also fill the room with charcoal smoke, which means they’re filling an enclosed space with carbon monoxide. That’s the same thing people do when they commit suicide by closing their garage door and leaving the car running. Less commonly, people also light coals indoors to try to kill themselves.

As of Mega Chill’s video, posted July 12, the company seems to have attained the imaginary title of largest extract hotbox. Back at the end of 2013, the world record was claimed by these guys, who coughed and gagged their way through 194 grams during a birthday celebration. Since then, several have made the same claim, including three that we know if in this year alone.

In June, Dab Star and High Class TV lit up an even 400 grams in a video called “Worlds Biggest Dab.” “We’re about to go make history,” they say at the beginning of the video. And they did. For 14 days before Mega Chill took the title.

Dab Star did not actually claim to be the biggest hotbox, as their festivities took place in a partially open warehouse, which is a lot safer. But for hardcore points, they did use a giant blow torch.

150730 dabstar

We already reported in April on Daddy Pipe’s and Collective in Los Angeles, who set the then world record for concentrate hotbox with a 305 gram burn. At the time, Dabs Magazine re-posted the accomplishment without realizing the health hazards involved.

In less than 3 months, the record has gone up by almost 50% and 150 grams. We expect to see more videos like these. As it is, especially during the summer months, it’s not uncommon for someone to pass out at a dab festival from extract inhalation alone. Add carbon monoxide into that equation and something seriously bad could happen at one of these massive hotboxes. Or, best case scenario, you could waste thousands of dollars worth of concentrate to hold a made-up title for a couple of weeks.

Parker Winship