Remember those Santa Ana cops who were suspected of a whole litany of shady doings after their raid on Sky High Holistics in May? If so, then get ready to be outraged at what the same cops just did. If not, here’s what happened last spring: The police raided Sky High for running an illegal dispensary. As soon as they had cleared the place of all patients and caregivers, the po-po turned off what they thought were all the security cameras present. In fact, the Sky High guys, expecting the visit, hid a camera in addition to their obvious security devices. The police also failed to turn off one of the other cameras.

One of the officers then proceeded to do what looks a whole lot like tearing into one of the edibles on display and eating it while two others made fun of the collective’s manager, a blind amputee. “Did you punch that one-legged guerita?” one asked. “I was about to kick her in her fucking knob,” another answered. Pretty cool, guys. The manager in question, Marla James, also told KTLA that the police intimidated her into signing forms that she couldn’t see well enough to read. (An edited version of the video can be found in the video from the Voice of OC below).

In June, Sky High filed a federal lawsuit against Santa Ana PD, claiming the use of excessive force and damaging more than $100,000 in property. An internal affairs investigation was also launched by the Santa Ana Police Department. The video footage, of course, was a major piece of evidence in both cases.

But luckily for the cops involved, it looks like they might be able to make that video inadmissible because it was “taken without their knowledge.” The Orange County Register reported Tuesday that the police involved with the raid have filed a lawsuit to “prevent Santa Ana Police Department internal affairs investigators from using the video.”

The lawsuit reads that the video violates the officers’ privacy as they “had a reasonable expectation that their conversations were no longer being recorded.” Well, Sky High had no reasonable expectation that the police were watching them, so they should be in the clear too, right? Because I guess if no one is watching then crimes don’t count. Cool. Let the purge begin.

Screenshot from security footage, via the Voice of OC