Samsung TVs were released with an interesting privacy policy. It stated that anything spoken in front of the television would be captured and transmitted to a third party. The backlash was swift and devastating. No one likes the idea of Big Brother spying on them.

The only problem is that the smart TVs that Samsung has produced aren’t the only devices that can spy on you. And turning off your phones and TV won’t even help.

LG Televisions says that sensitive information can be captured with voice recognition software. They just worded it differently so that it doesn’t seem like advertisers get to hear your conversations about marijuana, diapers, and pizza.

The Xbox Kinect wants to use its cameras to detect the emotional states of gamers. Facial expressions are even recorded. Microsoft says that information is destroyed at the end of each session, but that data could be recorded and transmitted. Remember – the original Kinect was supposed to never turn off.

Amazon Echo is always awake, but it isn’t always streaming to the Cloud. That requires a vocal command. But Amazon states that a fraction of the conversation before the wake word is issued will be transmitted.

Onstar plans to track driving data and habits of equipped vehicles. Google’s Waze, however, tops the list of scariness. It takes the phone numbers from your smartphone, collects data about your travel habits, and then transmits that data “anonymously” to other users.

Don’t let the smart devices of today outsmart you. Keep your privacy, read the terms and conditions, and go off the grid if necessary so that you don’t end up on one of those TVs in the Persons Of Interest office.