THC is the magic ingredient in pot that makes it so, well, magical. A higher THC count means stronger pot. Without further ado, here are the strongest strains on earth, as of 2014.

10: PsychOG

Next Harvest

Weighing in at 24.47% this strain gives a buzzy, euphoric, relaxed effect.

09: Girl Scout Cookies – Thin Mints

The Cali Connection

Not for beginners, this potent strain of 24.91% has a powerful full-body effect, and has been given to patients for nausea, insomnia and appetite loss among other ailments.

08: Veganic Girl Scout Cookies

Buds & Roses/Private Stock LA

With a bit of full-scale euphoria and a bit of time-bending, this strain, with 25.14% THC can be great for stress relief, as well as help with nausea, pain, or appetite loss.

07: Veganic Strawberry Cough

Cushman Genetics

A great solution to stress, this strain has a distinct berry flavour. This strain, with a THC percentage of 25.28% has a euphoric, relaxing effect that’s sure to leave you happy.

06: Bruce Banner #3

Artisanal Medicinals

This strain is so strong it’s making a second entry on our list, this version of the phenotype isn’t as strong as her sister, but still boasts a whopping 26.27% THC 

05: Blue Cookies

TLMD Collection

This strain boasts 26.29% THC and is a hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry, and is extremely potent.

04: Tickle Kush


At a strong 27.05% THC, this strain is a compelling hybrid combining Chemdawg and LA Kush, giving users a good head buzz and deep relaxation. Grown from seed, not clone, Tickle Kush demonstrates the potential power of Hybrid strains

03: R-18

Denver Relief

Coming from Denver Relief, one of the best medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, this is a potent strain of 27.34% THC and has a distinct sour deasil flavour.

02: A-Dub

Southern California Patients Association

This strain which is great for creativity has a solid reputation for potency and has a well-balanced euphoric, happy effect and a potency of 27.72% and a sweeter flavour than you might expect.

01: Bruce Banner #3

Strainwise: The Haven

Born and raised on Colorado and boasting an immediate burst of Euphoria before easing off into gentle relaxation, this strain has a THC content of 28.35%, and is great for creativity. True to its name, it’s the strongest strain on the market and probably will be for some time.