By and large, cannabis and alcohol are good industries to be in. There’s never not going to be a demand. Plus it means you get cheap weed and/or beers. But up until now it’s been pretty hard to figure out what the exact relationship of marijuana and alcohol sales was, since most illegal weed dealers haven’t historically reported their quarterly figures to the government.

But now a lot of weed dealers are working stiffs just like everybody else. And they do send their quarterly figures to government agencies. And that’s why The Guardian and Leafly are both able to report on just what the F the cannabis industry in Colorado has been doing to the state’s alcohol sales.

Turns out, just like your brain after a fatty blunt, liquor sales have been elevated by the presence of weed. Alcohol sales near the Rockies have “seen phenomenal growth” during the first 18 months of legalized weedage in Colorado, according to Denver liquor store owner Justin Martz.

Martz was a mite intimidated by a new recreational drug on the market, but now says, “…it’s really turned out to be a non-issue … if anything else it’s kind of helped us. A high tide lifts all boats.”

Martz isn’t alone among alchie-providers in singing the praises of marijuana sales. Everyone’s favorite not too expensive or unique craft beer manufacturer New Belgium brewing company expressed similar sentiments. “There’s definitely some crossover in the two communities of beer drinkers and herb enjoyers,” according to a New Belgium representative.

As if weed didn’t feel good enough to smoke, you can know add to your satisfaction the knowledge that you’re making life better for liquor store owners, craft beer salesmen and their wonderful families with every toke you take.

Parker Winship