Dabbing is a lot like cooking: many know how to do it, but not so many know how to do it right. And unlike making penne a la carbonara, vaporizing gorilla glue #4 does not come with easy-to-Google recipe instructions… until now, bro.

The nice peeps over at Leafly have developed a little temperature guide for dabbing out, which is pretty handy dandy. It doesn’t so much tell you the right or wrong way to get all waxed up so much as it guides you to let you know what effects you’re going to get at what temperatures, giving you more knowledge to control your high. And we all know that knowledge is power.

Here’s how it breaks down:

The Cool Dab – 310°F to 330°F

This one’s good for a subtle stoney effect while still leaving mostly sober-ish. You’re going to get a lot of glavor and a calm euphoria, not go into a green-out coma or get all paranoid.

This tem range is good for focusing and calm, not for getting ripped. Also, it’s not going to be super useful for many medicinal purposes as CBD requires 356°F to activate.

The Hot Dab – 370°F to 430°F

“Blazed.” “Ripped.” “Blasted.” “Dabbed the fuck out.” These are the technical terms for what happens to your brain when you fire up wax at full blast.

No one needs to explain to you what this feels like. You already know. So let’s go through some of the more scientific points of dabbing in this range. Not only has THC been fully unleashed, so has CBD, THCV (another psychoactive cannabinoid), and linalool (a terpene that relaxes you).

Your reaction to this temp is probably going to be extreme: extremely relaxed, extremely creative, extremely paranoid, or extremely asleep. So choose your strain wisely because whatever the qualities of the one you selected, you’re going to get it to the nth degree.

The Just Right Dab – 330°F to 370°F

High but functional. Sane but goofy. You’re happy and food tastes heaven and music sounds like bliss, but if your mom calls you could still carry a coherent conversation with her.

The most dexterous of the stones. Let your mind go. Focus. Sleep. Be alert. Get medicated. Get stoned. Up to you and, again, dependent on what strain you’re inhaling.

Now take all this knowledge and be the best stoner you can be. Happy smoking.

Photo via Flickr user Andres Rodriguez