Modern marijuana users may have legal rights to use regularly and for recreational purposes, but that use can still get them into trouble. Many jobs screen for THC and a positive test can exclude you from employment. For that reason, a number of THC testers have been developed over the years for self-directed drug tests.

Most of them have failed. Now add in the fact that today’s pot can be contaminated with mold, bacteria, and other toxins and the need for an effective THC tester becomes a high priority.

Save Yourself From Ditch Weed with MyDx

Even if your employer allows THC, there can be other contaminants in your weed that can make you test positive for banned substances. The MyDx is some Futurama shit. The app lets you walk into your favorite store, test the THC content of the product, and let you know if you’re being shafted with some ditch weed.

The cost of MyDx is currently listed at $399. It then communicates the results through the MyDx app in your preferred smartphone or tablet.

The benefit of this technology is clear. People will no longer be forced to purchase their preferred products blindly. They’ll be able to know THC and CBD levels, along with terpenoids, so that a full analysis of the weed can be determined before money gets wasted.

Many states have allowed marijuana use, but there aren’t effective controls in place to guarantee a good quality product. MyDx is a THC tester which allows users to perform their own quality control.