A new political party called CISTA (Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol) has recently launched in the UK, hoping to reform laws surrounding cannabis which is currently a Class B controlled substance in the UK.

The party wants to legalize marijuana because they believe the so-called “war on drugs” has failed and that cannabis is readily available but not regulated in the UK. They believe that legalizing the substance and admitting defeat in the drug war will allow the country to better controlled it and boosted the economy, seeing the end of street dealers.

In the state of Colorado, millions of dollars have been generated in tax revenue due to the legalization if weed and this is key to the CISTA party’s ideology.

Graphs produced by the party show that alcohol causes significantly more harm than cannabis does and is significantly more dangerous, and yet alcohol is legal whereas cannabis is not.

Even if not elected, the party hopes to start a chain of events leading to the legalization of cannabis in the UK.