History was made this week when the first ever all-hash record was pressed. You could listen to Slightly Stoopid’s song “Dabbington” on Spotify or YouTube right now, on the go, while you partake in the vaporization activity the song seems to endorse. Or, you could slow things down and enjoy the finer things in life. Instead of listening to condensed data bits wired through your earbuds, you could listen to sweet analog sounds of a needle on grooves. Instead of getting dabbed out on chemically extracted hash, you could indulge in hashish, a drug that goes back through centuries of tradition.

According to the makers of this historic record, tradition is what it’s all about. “It’s all about putting two old-school vintage mediums together,” Jon Phillips of Silverback Music, Slightly Stoopid’s management company, told Billboard. “Vinyl is an old-school medium, and that’s how we feel about hashish, too.”

The publicity stunt capitalizes on two growing trends: hash, specifically hash oil, has been on the rise the last several years. Additionally, vinyl sales are at a 28-year high. Though the news is out on the new playable/smokeable technology, the product isn’t on the market and the price won’t be cheap.

Making the first hash record was no easy feat. $6,000 worth of bubble hash went into two different pressings. The first attempt resulted in okay audio quality, but was quickly smoked by the people who made it. The second attempt (which maybe recycled some hash from the first pressing for the sake of economy) resulted in subpar audio quality. Thusly, a third prototype is planned for sometime early this year.

Though the record isn’t ultimately all that practical (its makers said it might just end up on a wall at Silverback’s office), it is for a good cause. “It’s not something you’re going to plop on your turntable over and over again,” says Phillips. “For now, this is an art piece.” But if they do sell it, the plan is to auction it off for charity.

By the same token, the record gives publicity to Slightly Stoopid’s soon-to-be-released branded bubble hash, which will give part of its proceeds to cancer research.

Photo via Flickr user Donnie Ozone