Saying that she needed the money because of losing one son to suicide and having another son who requires advanced care because of a disability, Susan McKayt, a UK chemistry teacher, received a 20 month suspended jail sentence for growing weed in Llandyrnog, Wales. Her son, Michael McKay, 27, received an 18 month suspended sentence.
The value of the marijuana grown was estimated to be as high as $150,000. Officials became suspicious after stopping Michael for a traffic violation and discovered 162g of cannabis inside the vehicle.

McKay owned a 7 bedroom home and had dedicated at least 3 of them to the growing of marijuana. Police discovered a total of 115 plants. She says she only turned to growing marijuana after discovering her husband was having a long-term affair with his business partner and had a love child from that additional relationship.

McKay’s husband, 73, also pleaded guilty to drug charges since he didn’t report the behavior to law enforcement officials. Despite having a long-term affair, he and his wife were still living together at their 7 bedroom home, though they were essentially living separate lives from one another. He was given a 5 month suspended sentence.

Interestingly enough, despite the large amount of marijuana that was apparently being grown, none of it was actually ever sold to the general public.

McKay is still employed and working as a chemistry teacher in a local secondary school. “Clearly there is good in you,” the court reporter noted. “It is a sign of what the true Susan McKay is like that your employers have continued having you in the position you are in.”

Meanwhile, an edible-edifying educator in Louisiana resigned from her position last week after being accused of distributing weed brownies to two students. One teacher who was truly too cool for school.