Illinois has only been dispensing medical marijuana for a few weeks, but the doctors in charge of giving out recommendations are already off to a rough start. Dr. Bodo Schneider is being charged with “charging patients for marijuana recommendations without a legitimate doctor-patient relationship,” making him the third physician to face such a charge since the MMJ program fully launched on November 9, according to the Sun Times Extract.

Schneider runs several clinics all across the state bearing the slogan “WE’ED like to be your doctor!”, as reported by the Associated Press. The Land of Lincoln is clearly taking a tough stance on 420-friendly docs, maybe too much considering the service they provide to the community.

“I understand why they don’t want everybody and their uncle opening up a marijuana stand,” said Schneider’s lawyer Luke Baumstark. “But I think the regulators have gone after a very high percentage of the people who have tried to use this law at all. It’s over-aggressive.”

Meanwhile Dan Linn of NORML Illinois says that Schneider is a “godsend to patients” in the region where doctors handing out recommendation can be hard to find. Two major healthcare organizations are banning their physicians from the practice in Southern Illinois.

David Kurfman talked to ABC News about his plight in finding a doctor who would recommend cannabis to control his epileptic seizures. He travelled 500 miles round-trip to Schneider’s clinic in Marion in order to receive treatment.