Meili Cady said that she fell in love with a mean girl when she moved to Los Angeles.

Lisette Lee frequently calls herself the Korean Paris Hilton, and was one of the first people to become friends with Cady when she moved from Washington to Los Angeles in hopes of becoming an actress.

With expensive gifts and praise, Lisette won over Cady to the point when she would do absolutely anything for her. That was when Lee hired Cady as her assistant and begun having her take suitcases from LA to Ohio.

When she found out that she was smuggling marijuana, Cady claimed that she was too scared to go to the police because she was intimidated by Lisette.

Her story of Stockholm Syndrome isn’t too believable, but the cops bought it. She apparently helped with the investigation and only served 30 days as a result. Lisette, however, had to serve six years for her part in the crime. Cady then went on to write a book about her experiences.

In a recent interview with VICE, Cady has stated that she found Los Angeles very overwhelming and that she felt like she was in a different world. She felt as though she was a tourist. When she was asked why Lisette picked her, she said that she believed she didn’t get along with many people, especially women. Cady also believes that because Lisette doesn’t really get on with women, her ideal friend would be someone who she could manipulate.

It’s like a real life Orange Is The New Black. Oh, wait. That was real. Well, it’s like another real life Oranes Is The New Black.  You can read the whole interview with Cady here.