This ain’t no fly-by-night job. One animator – Mr. Paul “OtaKing” Johnson, made this sweet anime short over the course of 4 years, almost entirely on his own. Johnson reminisces over the classic 80’s anime-style artwork and wonders what it would look like if Star Wars had its own spin-off series with a narrative that follows the Empire’s perspective.  And here I am watching this video going “why did it take so long for this to happen!?”

This film was clearly a labor of love, as the creator notes “Don’t support me on Patreon, because I don’t have one! And don’t donate to my Kickstarter, because I don’t have one of those either,” wrote Johnson. “Instead, if you enjoyed this, give someone at your workplace, uni, school or whatever a random bar of chocolate or can of Coke or something. Seriously, it’ll probably make their day. That would totally make my day.”

He had to draw and animate all the crazy pew-pew battles in the movie by himself.  The music wasn’t done by him though, he had some help with a group of friends.

Not only are the audio and visual components amazing here, the writing is pure fandom gold.  Fans are saying that this is easily the best interpretation of the cold, lifeless Empire in the entire series.  And yet, none of these guys utter a single word.  That’s not just keeping it authentic to the classic style of expression in anime, but it shows that this guy needs to be involved in the making of some of these Hollywood movies that come out nowadays.

“Fans of Lucasarts’ seminal 1994 TIE Fighter game may notice a few familiar sights and sounds,” Johnson wrote. “That ‘incoming missile’ noise gives me horrible flashbacks to this day.”

I’m not sure why any Star Wars fan would be reading past this point, go out and grab some popcorn, make an evening out of this beautiful short form, and prepare to get the best free Star Wars entertainment you’ll ever have for a long time.