Organa Brands, a “national” brand of cannabis products, has succeeded in at least one regard this year: they got Forbes magazine to basically call them the greatest company in the history of marijuana. This sentiment is not expressed without some evidence to back it up.

The Forbes article reads: “This privately owned company is focused on achieving market domination before big tobacco or alcohol companies muscle in, and they are staking out their territory aggressively.”

Here are the stats the article presents, and they are impressive:

  • Organa’s ubiquitous O.penVAPE has a nationwide market share of vape pens at 41.9%. That means nearly one out of every two hash pens getting vaped in this country are a variety of O.penVAPE.
  • In a 12-month period from May 2016 to April 2017, $34 million in O.penVAPE products sold in dispensaries, more than four times as much as the next runner-up.
  • Organa Brands owns businesses in California and California, and in addition owns stakes in in cannabis companies in nine other states. This makes them just about the closest thing to a national cannabis brand. They’re also planning to expand into 7 more states by the end of 2018.

The secret sauce to their success, according to Forbes, is a tech startup mindset. A savvy marketing strategy separates them from many of their competitors. Whereas a lot of cannabis suppliers target marketing at events, Organa tries to target customers directly when they’re buying the product, focusing on in-dispensary advertising. They also take time to educate bud tenders on their products and “incentivize… key dispensary workers to sell them.”

Little shoutouts like comedian/actress Sarah Silverman using an O.penVAPE on the red carpet at the Oscar’s doesn’t hurt either.

The company started focusing in oil, preferring CO2 extraction over butane, and has used the popularity of concentrates to launch them into other realms of the cannabis market like edibles and cannabis-infused drinks. They even have their own packaging company, which helps them negotiate banking issues.

So, it looks like the limit for the company right now is about as high as a few rips of the O.penVAPE will get you.