Ingenious new technology has created a brand new way cannabis can get you lifted. The only catch? Only five people in the whole world can do it at the same time, and it probably costs something like thousands of dollars.

But if you have a ridiculously large interest in either cannabis or aviation, and you got some extra coin, than it might be worth checking out the world’s first airplane that is made of cannabis and runs on 100% pure hemp oil.

The historic aircraft was built by Florida company Velocity Inc. in conjunction with Canadian hemp oil company Hempearth. According to reporting from High Times, “Everything from the seats, the wings, the plane walls and even the pillows contains hemp.”

Hempearth, it seems, has a real outside-the-box approach to promotion, combined with a big influx of cash. The company has also in recent weeks unleashed the cryptocurrency Hempearthcoin. The new currency is currently in a pre-ICO (initial coin offering) stage, and tokens are going for 50% off at 10 cents per. All of that might sound meaningless to you and, don’t worry, it is.

What these coins have to do with Hempearth’s flagship cannabis products is uncertain. Once Canada legalizes cannabis this summer (fingers crossed), the company will distribute “The Best Recreational Dried Herbs, Extracts, Oils, Tinctures, Edibles And Much More!,” according to its website.

What either this bandwagon-jumping cryptocurrency or the yet-to-appear cannabis products have to do with a first in aeronautical engineering is even less certain. What we do know (as per High Times) is that the plane has a 36 foot wingspan, and that it can seat one pilot and four passengers. We also know that cannabis is potentially a great material for making planes. In some forms, hemp is ten times stronger than steel, and also much lighter, which is a pretty good quality to have when you’re literally floating on air.

Photo via Soul Plane