“That was probably my 36th today. This is the truth,” says Bronson in the video for mag/site/channel/all-around-badasses Frank151. “Don’t mind if I do,” he adds, as he picks up his rig for another.

As anyone who’s watched Fuck, That’s Delicious! knows, Mr. Wonderful is super fun and super knowledgeable when speaking on cuisine. But as Frank151 found, the man is equally eloquent when lecturing on the subject of dabbing.

“Tastes like Rice Crispies. Like a bowl of fucking Rice Crispies,” he says after sampling an unspecified extract from TerpX. “I like that. My favorite thing in the morning is Rice Crispies.”

Then he follows that up with some Fresh off the Bud Cannalope, calling it, “a palate cleanser like biting into a little lemon segment in the salad that has duck… The citrus cuts right through” the rich duck.

We’ve seen the video before. It actually comes from last year, but since we’ve had Mr. Wonderful on repeat in the office the last couple weeks, and since we like duck and dabs just as much as Bronson, we thought it was as good a time as any to revisit.

Click the video to see what he has to say about his favorite, the West Coast Cure Hardcore OG. His words on that lovely shatter are almost as good as “Baby Blue” lyrics like, “You can order whatever. The specialty is white snake in underwear sauce.”