It’s busy, hectic, workaday world, so when you have the chance to kill two or even three birds with one stone, one must seize the day.

For example, the new cannabis product cannabis brand Frank White Creative Blend, is one hefty bird-massacring stone. The line of pre-roll packs allows cannabis consumers to cross getting stoned off their to-do list, while also fulfilling the important function of paying tribute to two gods of twentieth century pop culture: the Notorious B.I.G. and Christopher Walken.

To explain: the Frank White Creative Blend is a product of Think BIG, a group co-founded by CJ Wallace, son of the late Christopher Wallace (a/k/a Notorious B.I.G.). According to its website, “Think BIG is a movement that encourages the global community to embrace curiosity and creativity, instead of fear, in order to create a more compassionate world.” It also sells hats and weed.

The Frank White Creative Blend is a pack of pre-rolled cannabis in strains of Orange Sherbet, Banjo, and Rattlesnake Sour Diesel from California cultivator Lowell Herb Co. The name Frank White was the Notorious B.I.G.’s alias, which in turn was taken from the name of Christopher Walken’s badass gangster character in the very fun 1990’s film King of New York.

In an interview with Esquire, CJ Wallace explained why he wanted to give his product that particular nickname:

“I’ve always been inspired by my dad and his alter-ego, by the ghostly figure of Frank White. I’ve always wanted to play with that, and this was my chance to do it,” he said. “A lot of people don’t really know this, but my dad actually went to jail a few times. His longest stint was about nine months. And that’s when he made his decision to take his writing, his craft more seriously.”

So, Biggie paid homage to Christopher Walken by taking his character’s name. Biggie’s son paid homage to his father by taking his dad’s name and putting it on a cannabis blend. And now you can pay tribute to all three of them while getting wrecked out of your mind on some Banjo. What better way to spend your day?