These three grandmas are adorable, especially when they get given a bong for the very first time. Even though the three had never smoked pot before, they picked up the whole process pretty quickly. Paula, Dorothea and Deirdre took part in this experiment in Washington, where recreational use of marijuana is completely legal. After a few puffs, they were even giving advice on how to smoke it, and before you know it they were feeling the effects.

Buzzfeed found this over at Cut Video, and we got it right here:

To begin with, they didn’t even know how to get high, and by the end they were masters of pot.

After five minutes, one of them stated that “They could feel something tingle in their brain”

And after a failed game of Jenga, they broke out the vaporiser. As these have never smoked pot before, it is understandable that one of them thought it was actually a dildo.

Then they did something that all stoned grandmas should do when the’re high, they played a game of Cards against Humanity,until they got stuck on the word “Queefing.”

After a long 40 minutes, they then asked the giggling grandmas what they thought of the pot, and their reaction is even more adorable.

In fact, they were even asked if they would get high again, and they seemed pretty up for it! In fact, one of them said they could do the ironing for days.

So what happens when you give three grandmas some pot to smoke for the very first time? They love it and they can’t wait to do it again. Watch the video and see for yourself, and now you know what to get your nana next Grandmother’s Day.