An Irish man who owned tomato plants has claimed that his crop has transformed itself into cannabis after being arrested for growing weed. He has been given a sentence for eight months, suspended from a two year stretch provided he doesn’t grow anymore bud.

Daniel Johnson is a father of five and he has plead guilty to one count of cultivating cannabis and asecond count of possession. He has made a claim that says when he moved into the rented property, he saw some tomato plants in a greenhouse on the property. He also stated that he got some compost and started watering his own seedlings shortly after.

Weird thing was that the plants never smelled or looked like tomato plants or produced any plants. But Johnson was a persistent dude so he kept watering and taking care of them until the Irish Gardai police force showed up. You can actually grow marijuana in Ireland, but it requires a license, and Johnson did not have one. He’s still probably really sad that he didn’t get his tomatoes.