Last week, Tommy Chong revealed he was diagnosed with stage one rectal cancer. He broke the news on his Twitter: “I have good news and bad news. First the bad news, the cancer came back and it’s a real pain in the butt. The good news is I now have to use more marijuana to treat the cancer.”

And that is only a hint of the awesomely groovy vibes Chong has been emanating like a gold Buddha bell since his diagnosis. In an interview with evil conglomerate subsect ABC News, Chong said he’s treating it with marijuana-based suppositories and smoking grass by the lid. In a US Weekly article, the performer said he’s “using cannabis like crazy now, more so than ever before.”

While Chong, who beat prostate cancer in 2013, said he’s using weed to mitigate the pain and lack of appetite expected from his upcoming chemo and radiation treatment, the main benefit of toking for him is the way it effects his attitude. “Instead of moaning and groaning about what you have, you start listening to music and reading books, and you get very creative,” he told ABC News. “It takes the brain off, ‘The glass is half-empty,’ and puts it on ‘The glass is half-full.'”

As if to demonstrate just how fucking cool the comedian, actor, Billboard chart-topping musician, film director, former Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort prison bunkmate, and Dancing With The Stars semi-finalist is, Chong also said the following quotes which we’re too lazy to contextualize in a paragraph, so we’re just going to list them in bullet points:

  • “They recommend physical exercise. I’m getting so good at tango, I scare myself!”
  • On his wife dealing with the return of his cancer: “She’s the one that’s suffering.”
  • “I know that life doesn’t end just because the body gets put in the ground. The soul is forever, is eternal. So, I know that, and that’s the comforting thing.”

Be well, Brother Chong!