With summer here, business-savvy marijuana enthusiasts are excitedly descending upon Colorado, Washington, and other legalized states to get into the cannabis cultivation industry. From lighting fixtures to plant nutrients to the vast array of seeds and strains to choose from, there are countless elements that go into running a successful marijuana grow operation. Wondering how to get growing and launch your own cannabis cultivation venture?

Not to worry. Below are the top ten elements to consider in launching a successful ganja grow factory. They are sure to help you start a very fruitful and exciting career in cannabis production.

  1. Cleanliness– Regardless of where, when, or how you are growing, cleanliness is next to godliness. Any operation with poor cleaning regimens will eventually end up with issues, be it pests, mold, or other problems.
  2. Trust– Once again, regardless of when, where, or how, you have to be able to trust the people you work with. Working with people who cannot be counted on leads to disasters of all shapes and sizes.
  3. Dedication– Any real grower will tell you that to grow high quality cannabis, it requires enormous amounts of time and personal energy. Any slip in the attention paid to your process will affect the outcome down the road.
  4. Lighting– Speaking more specifically to indoor areas, no matter how many plants you have, your yield is determined mostly by the number of lighting fixtures. Depending on your environment, the number of plants you use for each light can change for best efficiency, but the number of lights you have is more indicative to the amount of final product you produce down in the end.
  5. Environment– Temperature, dew point, humidity and CO2 are all important environmental factors and controlling these things is paramount to success. Different people use different methods and settings, but achieving maximum control is the way to dial in your process.
  6. Maintenance– Set it and forget it may be the methodology for some growers (especially hydroponic), but I believe that constant attention to detail in the room is essential. Maintaining equipment and tools will help any grower keep his or her room clean and environmentally sound, which I have already pointed out is highly valuable.
  7. Genetics– Good genetics are key to a successful grow. Poor genetics will limit your yield and quality, regardless of where you are growing. Find a good seed company with reputable strains or get clones from a reputable source.
  8. Plant Count and Pot Size– Regardless of how many lights you have, you will need to find a plant count that works in your space. Once you have your environment dialed in, you will need to fine-tune the number of plants and pot size that gives you the best results.
  9. Nutrients– There are a million nutrient products and bi-products out there. Use high quality organic nutrients with low N-P-K numbers and go from there.
  10. Energy– Plants need love. Nurture them and in turn they will nurture you.

About Anthony Franciosi

Colorado “Pot-repreneur” Anthony Franciosi is the founder of The Honest Marijuana Company, which utilizes all-natural cultivation methods to produce only the finest organic and eco-conscious cannabis products. Originally created as a way to holistically relieve pain from sports injuries, The Honest Marijuana Company produces a more earth friendly cannabis than the other hydroponically-grown strains available today.  For more information, visit their website at honestmarijuana.com

Photo via Flickr user Rusty Blazenhoff