International travel can be a tricky prospect for a stoner. It’s often unwise to take your stash with you, lest they become the target scent for some custom agent’s dog. And looking for some green in a strange country is almost always an even stranger prospect. Variety, quality, and price vary so widely from nation to nation that you’re best off keeping an open mind and low expectations.

But there are some quick tips to make travel a little easier on potheads and dabaholics. Lucky for us all, the fine folks at have compiled global drug statistics – looking at rates of narcotic use between coutnries. Probably least important among these stats for researchers, and most important for folks with equal parts wanderlust and weedlust, is a list of the most expensive countries to purchase weed in the whole world, a list that looks a little something like this…

  1. Ireland – $33.50/gram
  2. Malta – $32.20/gram
  3. Estonia – $25.80/gram
  4. Cyprus – $25.80/gram
  5. Iceland – $25.50/gram

Of course, the U.S. did not rank anywhere near the top of this list, but it did top or place high on nearly every other drug list compiled by the statisticians at Recovery Brands.

The U.S. finished first in amphetamine use, opioid use (with more than twice as many users as the first runner up the Czech Republic), and first in drug overdoses. The country tied first with Spain for cocaine use, and finished second for cannabis use (after Iceland) and second for drug arrests.

Despite its chart-topping rates of drug addiction, overdose, and arrests, however, the U.S. did not even place in the top five countries for the availability of drug treatment, ranking behind Ireland, Slovakia, Sweden, Norway, and Lithuania. The land of the free was, however, found to have more addicts in treatment than any other country on the globe, again reflecting our staggering rates of substance abuse. But at least we got cheap weed.