Below you will find the top 10 reasons why marijuana should be legalised

10- Prohibition hasn’t been able to control the use of domestic marijuana production. Marijuana is currently used by over 25 million people every year, and cannabis is the largest crop for cash in the USA.

9- Many marijuana arrests are disproportionately affecting Hispanics and blacks. This reinforces the idea that law is biased against the minority. 13% of the US are African-Americans, yet they account for 26% of marijuana arrests.

8- Regulated use in a legal market would actually reduce the sales between marijuana dealers, especially among teenagers.

7- Marijuana that has been legalised would reduce the flow of cash from the American to International gangs.

6- If marijuana was legalised, it would be seen as a new development fuel to reduce carbon emissions.

5- Prohibition has blown the effects and dangers of marijuana way out of proportion. In fact, many of these concerns haven’t actually been proved yet by modern day research.

4-Marijuana is a safer alternative when compared to alcohol.

3- Marijuana is way too expensive for the justice system, and if taxed, it could be used to support beneficial programs for the government.

2- Marijuana is a medical drug and it can be used for medical value with relatively mild side effects. For many, the benefits far outweigh the risks involved.

1- Marijuana users are fuelled to stand up against the system to get it legalised, regardless of the cost. Despite the amount of punishments that have been handed down to marijuana users, they remain adamant to support the legalisation. This movement will never go away, and marijuana will be legalised one day because the people of the USA will continue to fight until they succeed in its legalisation for the general public for general usage.