If you are experiencing trouble when trying to germinate your seeds, then you should take a look at these top tips. Remember that it can take anywhere from three days to three weeks, and some of these tricks should only be used if your seeds are showing no sign of sprouting after three weeks.

Seeds have an outer layer which consists of an embryo and a hard shell. Older seeds don’t germinate too well because the outer shell is too hard to let any water or nutrients through. The first stage of germination is when the seed swells with water and eventually sprouts. You should take care to avoid germinating seeds on a paper towel, because white paper towels often contain bleach which isn’t too good for your plants.

  • Take some Fulvic acid and dilute it around one teaspoon per litre of water.
  • Get some sand paper and roughen up the outer side of the shell. To do this, roll up some sand paper and shake the seeds over it. This will create micro abrasions.
  • Purchase some lightly carbonated water, because the Co2 will help the water get through the shell and into the seed.
  • Take some seed booster and put it with your seeds
  • If this doesn’t work, take a knife and slice the seed down the spine. Try the other methods first before you try this one, but if you do try this method, make sure that you slice the seed down the spine and not down the front. This makes it much easier for water to get inside the shell, and therefore greatly increases your chances of having a successful germination.

By trying these top tips when germinating your seeds, you can be sure to have a successful batch.