The 45th President of the USA, Donald J. Trump, has a fickle heart. Known to change up wives and centerfold mistresses at the drop of a hat, Trump’s political affections have also at times been fleeting. At this point, he has both embraced and rejected nearly every world leader, and fired almost everyone he appointed in the federal government.

But could it be that weed has lodged itself inside Trump’s “astonishingly” healthy heart? Maybe so, according to staunch pro-cannabis advocate Senator Cory Gardner.

In an interview with the Cannabis Economy podcast (via The Boston Globe), Gardner revealed the president has privately expressed his disapproval of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s removal of protections for state legal cannabis, and his enthusiasm for the 420-friendly legislation the STATES Act.

Early in the Trump Administration, Sessions withdrew the Cole Memo, a hostile act toward state legal cannabis which opened the door for the federal government to use its resources prosecuting state-legal cannabis operations. Gardner says that when that went down, the president responded with a resounding “nah bruh.”

Immediately after Sessions announcement, Trump reportedly told Garner “we need to do undo this … [Sessions] needs to stop this.”

When Gardner said he was worried the rescinding of the Cole Memo could mean trouble for legal cannabis operators in states like Colorado, the President said, “we’re not going to do that, it doesn’t mean anything.”

Trump went even further in disparaging of Sessions’s decision, according to Gardner, saying, “This sounds like something my grandpa said in the 1950s.”

“At that point I realized that there was an ally in the president on this,” Gardner said.

Trump’s actions have been somewhat consistent with Gardner’s comments. For one thing, he definitely hates Jeff Sessions. For another, the President says he’s “really” all about  the Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Entrusting States (STATES) Act, which would make state-compliant cannabis programs immune to federal prosecution.