Why would someone who is flying out of Nashville International Airport need to take a can of tomato juice? And why did the X-ray show solids inside the tin instead of liquid? These must have been questions that TSA workers were asking themselves when they found a tin of tomato juice that had a false bottom- especially when they found that the tin was packed with pot.

TSA’s Instagram is an awesome feed of confiscated contraband including hand grenades, lots of guns, Batman brass knuckles, and hidden dogs and eels. Last year the TSA made their usual rounds in December because they found out that somebody had tried to stash some hash inside a peanut butter jar.

The tomato juice can is certainly a lot less messy than the peanut butter incident, but stash cans have been modelled after carpet cleaners and even WD-40 cans in the past so it is certainly inventive.

The TSA have to perform screens because of the federal law. These screens are fully designed to detect threats as well as smuggling. If the TSA ever find something suspicious in someone’s luggage, they have to refer them to the law enforcement.  No news has surfaced yet about who was trying to smuggle the pot and what charges they are facing, but it is safe to say that using those false bottom cans might not be so great for air travel. X-ray machines can in fact see past a label.