Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program is still young, having only legalized MMJ last year, so you could judge the behavior of the state’s providers on a learning curve.

Take for instance, Jeffrey Peregrino, the 38-year-old owner of the dispensary Left Handed Okies in Spiro, Oklahoma. Peregrino may have been under the impression that his medical marijuana license permitted him to sell methamphetamine out of his dispensary.

However, agents from the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) are correcting that assumption after Peregrino allegedly sold meth to undercover agents. On July 24, OBN agents arrested Pergrino and booked him on two counts of trafficking methamphetamine.

“On two separate occasions, our undercover Agents have recently purchased meth from the owner of ‘Left Handed Okies’ dispensary in Spiro. Both of the transactions took place inside the dispensary office,” OBN spokesperson Mark Woodward said, as reported by KFSM in Oklahoma.

Meanhile, the dispensary has also been shut down for the time being.

The incident comes as none too welcome news to the owner of the Left Handed Okies dispensary in Shady Point, Oklahoma. Proprieter Coty Jerrell says the two establishments just happen to share a name, they have no connection, and that his dispensary in Shady Point is different from the one in Spiro in that it doesn’t specialize in meth.

“‘Left Handed Okies in Shady Point is 120% against any kind of methamphetamine or opioids, the reason why we got into this industry is to fight this epidemic,” Jerrell said.

Despite this little hiccup, the medical marijuana market in Oklahoma seems to be off to a fair start. High Times reports that, since voters legalized MMJ last year, the state has already approved 140,000 patients and granted roughly 6,000 licenses for cannabis businesses including cultivators, manufacturers, and dispensaries.